Career Opportunities

Southern Sun Consulting in San Antonio provides a fast-paced, upbeat, result driven atmosphere. We are currently searching for experienced candidates who want to quickly advance their long-term careers. We will be filling a customer service, marketing and sales positions starting from entry level. ANY experience level in a customer service field is sure to thrive with us. On-site daily training will be provided to every qualified candidate for this position.


The team at Southern Sun Consulting works extremely close with our clients to understand exactly what the client’s needs are and how our team will solve them. Our entry-level sales and marketing position offers a straight path connecting with our customers. By directly connecting with the customer, our objectives of improving market shares and increasing penetration for the client are reached.


Time and time again, we have proven that our tactics of direct, face-to-face methods provide our Fortune 500 clients with individual attention and real results to continue to be competitive in today’s market.


Southern Sun Consulting exudes a results-driven, student mentality, and impeccable work ethic approach to marketing and sales. From these skills, we are elated with the rapid growth that is occurring to provide us massive growth and management opportunities. Professional, active, goal-oriented individuals are encouraged to apply to add to our lively environment.


Current openings: