1. What type of sales and marketing does Southern Sun Consulting do?

Southern Sun Consulting does direct, face-to-face sales with leads provided by our clients. We do not engage in any telemarketing nor retail sales but instead work in-person with homeowners. Our approach is undeniably the most personable and personalized. We form strong relationships with our clients, guide them through the sales process, and help improve the quality of their home entertainment experience.

2. What type of clients does Southern Sun Consulting represent?

Southern Sun Consulting works with industry leaders in the cable, satellite, and fiber-optic fields. Our clients are the best in their respective industries, have aggressive growth/market goals, and demand excellence. We deliver and do so with pride. Why? Because we recognize what an honor it is to work with the likes of Fortune 50/100 clients…and we like winning.

3. Why do clients choose Southern Sun Consulting?

Clients choose Southern Sun Consulting for two main reasons: 1) we handle all of our own hiring and training and 2) we’re results driven. Not hitting our targets isn’t in our vocabulary. We hire the best, we train extensively, and we work with an unrivaled ferocity. There’s value in outsourcing to a company that does all of the heavy lifting itself.

4. What does a typical day look like for an Account Manager at Southern Sun Consulting?

A typical day for an Account Manager at Southern Sun Consulting consists of both in-office and out-of-office practices. For the first part of the day, our Account Managers attend business meetings, marketing and sales training, goal-setting, and team building activities. For the latter part of the day, our Account Managers meet with specific customers face-to-face to consult them on their fiber optic, telecommunication, and home entertainment needs.

5. What is the corporate culture like at Southern Sun Consulting?

The corporate culture at Southern Sun Consulting can be described as team-oriented, professional, and exciting! We seek to inspire others and become the best versions of ourselves. Our management team has an “open door policy,” where individuals are encouraged to ask for guidance and additional training. Our company also hosts weekly team outings, philanthropy events, and travel opportunities!

6. Is there room for growth in a career at Southern Sun Consulting?

Absolutely! At Southern Sun Consulting, growth is our main focus. All of our team members have the opportunity to advance into executive-level positions. Our promotions are performance-based and internal; seniority or favoritism do not exist in our company. Advancement opportunities include, but are not limited to, Corporate Training, Campaign Management, Human Resources, Professional Coaching, Talent Scouting, Executive Consulting, and Brand Management.